Need thousands of employees in the field from tomorrow?

Need to audit or send mistery shopper tothousands of locations at one time? Need people to help you during sales peak, holiday or absence of other employees? Our community of thousands TakeTask users is here to help.
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What tasks can you outsource?

The scope of possible tasks is practically unlimited - describe your needs and we will try to fulfil them with our TakeTask users community. Below we present the most common tasks:

In-store audits

Need to check visibility, availability or prices in dispersed points of sale?

Mystery Shopper

Want to control the standards of customer service, promo and sales activity?

Customer experience

Would you like your customers to share with you their shopping or user experience?

Temporary labour

Facing a shortage of employees in the peak sales season, or due to other employees’ absence?

In-store audits

Would you like to collect information within a few hours concerning:
availability of products
regular and promotional prices
availability of promotional materials
shelf shares, verification of planograms
fulfilment of merchandising standards
location of products (e.g. shelf, cash register area, stand)
photos of e.g. store, category, shelf, refrigerators, billboard, promoter
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Mystery Shopper

Would you like hundreds of your customers to verify the standard of the customer service including:
Knowledge of the offer
Employees’ behaviour
Sales and promo activity
Product recommendation
Dealing with difficult customers
Staff’s attire and appearance

Customer experience

Would you like to create a panel of your customers who would share information with you on a regular basis (autoethnography)?
use of products in natural situations
shopping experiences and needs
context of having a contact with your brand
writing a diary in a defined field
sharing experiences gained in various places (e.g. in the restaurant, at a party)
testing new products or promotions

Temporary labour

Have you ever faced a problem with a shortage of employees when you need them most? We can help you by providing:
External sales or affiliation teams for your product
People to build your promo stands in different stores
Staff to help you in the store or an office for a few hours
Restaurant staff during bigger events

Possibilities of our Agents

TakeTask application enables performing 25 types of activities within created tasks, with the most important presented below:

GPS location

Tasks can be performed in a specific location or area, e.g. in a selected city or region.

Photographic Documentation

Taking pictures on the spot. Phone photo gallery can be blocked to ensure that the task is performed in a reliable way.

Sound recording

Sound recording can be can be activated within the task. Attaching a previously recorded file is blocked.

Video Recording

The possibility of recording short, 30-second videos presenting a broader perspective or the environment.

Conditional tasks

Depending on given answers, the user is directed to different actions or whole groups of actions.

A training before starting a task

It ensures that the user possesses the right knowledge in order to perform the task properly.

TakeTask clients

See the companies that use TakeTask for researches, audits or other tasks performed by their employees or independent TakeTask users


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