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We help companies with dispersed labor force to complete their tasks by providing one task management application for employees and external communities
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What does TakeTask offer?

TakeTask is a business tool for performing a variety of tasks (e.g. surveys, audits, sales) anywhere in the world by your employees or external communities e.g. your customers, business partners, independent TakeTask users (the crowd)


Use thousands of users from different communities to complete your tasks. For example, you can carry out an audit in thousands of locations and receive data in no longer than 24 hours.
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Task Managment

Do you have employees or partners in dispersed locations whom you assign tasks to? With TakeTask you can train users as well as coordinate and report tasks performed in the field.
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A mobile app

With TakeTask, a smartphone becomes your powerful tool for training as well as performing and reporting on tasks

GPS location

The task may be unlocked only in pointed locations (with a defined radius) or administrative areas like cities or countries.

Trainings and tests

You can make instant in-app learning in the form of videos, graphics, text and verification tests obligatory to unlock the tasks.

Open questions and evaluation

You can quickly add basic questions like Yes/No, scales and NPS, text or number fields, single and multiple choice.

Multiple paths in one task

Build complex task scenarios where answers delivered by a user lead to multiple paths of the following questions.

Photographic documentation

Ask your users to make photos as a task or as a proof of task completion using a build-in camera to prevent choosing images from the gallery.

Barcode scanning

Change the smartphone camera to a barcode or QR code reader to create a precise database of e.g. products, pallets.

Video recording

Ask users to record a video as a task or as a confirmation of the task completion e.g. shopping experience, usage or test of a product.

Sound recording

Use a mystery shopper to record the customer service in order to check compliance with your standards.

Task generator

TakeTask is also a task management system that allows you to create, administer and report on your projects. With a simple drag & drop generator, you can map virtually any business process from your organization and order to complete it in the form of tasks available in the mobile application.

TakeTask allows you to distribute automatically all tasks within your organization and to external communities, ensuring that only the right users have access based on their location, experience or trainings they have participated in.
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